abel is ONE!

I can't even believe I'm typing this. HOW IN THE WORLD HAS IT BEEN A WHOLE YEAR?! Our sweet boy is officially a one year old! Entering into parenthood was a bit crazy with this guy. Arriving early, 6 1/2 weeks to be exact, it was a wild start. It's hard to believe he was once a preemie, weighing in at a whopping 5 lbs. He currently is 27 lbs. -- basically just rounding that up to 30! He's always on the go with one speed- FAST. We are just so in love with him + all his personality. 


It's exciting looking back to see how he's changed + grown over these last 12 months. Although, as you can see- laying still was not an option after month 8. (lol) 

I found just about everything for the party at Target (dollar spot for the win!) And we just went with bright colors- after I found these mega cute (clearance) invites. Love how everything was fun - just like our boy. 

While out on "maternity leave" it was super fun to just play with some flowers. Those purple anemones are just show stoppers. It wouldn't be a party without flowers (even for a first birthday ;)  #lifeofaflorist

While out on "maternity leave" it was super fun to just play with some flowers. Those purple anemones are just show stoppers. It wouldn't be a party without flowers (even for a first birthday ;) #lifeofaflorist

These cupcake toppers were my absolute favorite. Putting them together, I couldn't help but smile + crack up. We certainly have a character on our hands; with so many silly + sweet faces. 

These cupcake toppers were my absolute favorite. Putting them together, I couldn't help but smile + crack up. We certainly have a character on our hands; with so many silly + sweet faces. 


time for cake! 


first time having sweets (i'm that mom) - but his reaction was fun. he was slow to attack, but once he figured it out... he was all about that icing. smart kid. 

thanks to everyone who came + celebrated with us. it was so great to be able to have it at our home + have it filled with folks we love! thanks for making this birthday so special for our kiddo. <3

Abe is on the go + walking is in the very near future. (ahhh) he's very curious- especially when it comes to June. this is such a fun stage, but I'm so excited for this coming year; watching our little fella continue to grow. Abel, you are the sweetest little thing. Thank you for making me a mama + being everything I ever dreamed of in a little boy + SO much more. You are so loved + adored.


april showers

It's not typical to have your baby arrive before your actually baby shower. ;)

But in our case that's exactly how things went down. 

Thanks to my sweet guy + two of my best gal pals for throwing me the sweetest baby shower. I loved every little detail; it was beyond special. Thanks to everyone who came + showered us with all kinds of gifts + love. We so appreciate it. 

I was lucky enough to have 2 showers. I'm part of the Shrewsbury Flower Show Committee with some incredible local ladies. They surprised me at our April meeting with a little shower that was too sweet. <3 I'm grateful for the community that we've got around our little guy.

Tradition for the babies to get weighed on ms. sherrills old scale. &lt;3&nbsp;

Tradition for the babies to get weighed on ms. sherrills old scale. <3 


abel's arrival

Little did we know that a week a go yesterday that would be the day where we welcomed our first baby. In this season of babies/starting a family, nothing has come super easy, and these moments ahead would prove to be just the same. 

I was in Vegas for a mini "workcation" + having a really great time at that. We went for the world flower expo and it was really incredible. We were only there for 3 days, so a lot went into the short period of time. Traveling at 32, almost 33 weeks pregnant was challenging at moments, as to be expected. Same with the time difference, which had Meg + I a little exhausted. 

We got back early Friday morning for a wedding/work we had coming up on Saturday. I woke up Saturday morning not feeling myself; I was pretty wiped out + looking forward to an afternoon nap once I got home. I knew that those naps would soon be a distant love. 

It was a pretty hectic day + I finally got back home and crashed just as I was hoping for. I woke up with immense back pain and sweating profusely. I had a fever + couldn't even get out of bed I was in so much pain. I called my sweet husband, who was slaving away on our kitchen project, and he didn't know how to help me. I didn't know what to do, so I called the doctor and explained how I was feeling. She told me it was best to come to the hospital + get checked out.   Also, living 2.5 seconds from your business partner is a perk for many reasons; 1. being that she is willing to pick you up + drive you places. In this circumstance she was my ride to the hospital and for that I'm grateful! 

Once we arrived to the hospital, I could barely walk. I was taken right back to be checked out. (Side note: through this entire process I've had some of the greatest nurses on the planet. <3) I had fever chills, back pains, and what I thought were braxton hicks. Long story short, I was a mystery to them. They decided to keep me over night to monitor me + the baby and to try and figure out what in the world was going on.

I had every test done known to man, or atleast I felt that way. I am not a huge fan on needles (I mean who is?!) but I had to get over that fairly quickly. Saturday into Sunday it was just several tests with not a whole lot of results, but they did finally "diagnose" me with pneumonia. I had a chest X-ray that seemed as if this were the suspect. I was being pumped full of antibiotics, but still was having reoccurring fevers/chills. The only thing breaking that was Tylenol (and small doses because, well: pregnant). Every time I would get a fever the baby's heart rate would spike too.

Sunday (Mar. 26th) we had some visitors + from the sounds of the doctors, I would be in the hospital for a few days being monitored til whatever I had went away. I was feeling decent, so Adam + I went for a walk. It was that moment that things took a turn. The baby's heart rate began to spike + plummet repeatedly in a small window of time. The doctors became concerned + told us if this continues at the rate it was it could become dangerous for me + baby. The mentioned word of a c-section and we both were in shock.

This wasn't the plan. It was March for crying out loud, not May. Maybe the baby is confused; what in the world is happening. Thoughts began to race our minds as it was something I know I never really thought of. A couple of weeks ago, I said to Adam: I doubt if I will go full term with this baby. I just had a feeling I would go early (but not 6.5 weeks early, that's for sure).

Here we are about 10:00 on Sunday night. The doctor came in and told us he had one more thing to try to get the baby + myself to relax, and it wasn't a success. A c-section was the next step, and it was happening in 20 minutes. (!!!!) You know, if they would've told me in a couple weeks I would be having a c-section, I'd be a nervous wreck. But you know what, I didn't have time to be. I didn't have a chance to process what was about to happen, I just had to face it. Whether I was ready for it or not.

Let me just say c-sections are just bizarre. (not feeling your bottom half, but still have a functioning top half.) Adam + were having legit conversations during the surgery; like what are we going to call our baby if she's a girl?!? haha. (even though I was convinced; boy!)

Heading in for the surgery I was fairly calm, I knew it wouldn't take that long + before we knew it, we would be having a BABY. Our very first little boy or girl; that we had yet to know what it was. (It was the best surprise EVER).

When the time was ready Adam was able to stand up + see what it was: "ITS A BOY!" And before we knew it, we were puddles on the floor; so many tears, and the very best kind too! It was such a special moment. 

Then we heard one of the greatest sounds my ears have ever witness; our sweet baby crying for the very first time. Our baby boy was here + he was perfect and we couldn't help but thank God for him and for all that led up to this point. My heart just wanted to explode! 

Our little baby: Abel Joseph Mack had arrived.

Weighing in at 5 lbs. 2 oz. & 18" long on Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at 11:42 PM.

The doctors brought him to see us & we just instantly were in love, like nothing I've ever experienced before. Since he came early, his next stop was the NICU. Off went some of the doctors, nurses, my husband, and now my baby. I was just left on the table all alone, not really but with the giant curtain up I thought everyone had abandoned me. ;) 

This wasn't my "birth plan" and not really what I had imagined for the birth of my first baby. But, it was perfect because it brought us him. And no matter what way it would've worked out having him come + safely was all that mattered. 

Praise the Lord, following my surgery, all my pain from the last couple days just vanished. No more fevers or back pain. It was crazy how my body just seemed ready for him to make his arrival. >> I couldn't wait to see him, I mean really see him. I only got a few seconds to get a peek at him + he was off.

our first photo as a family of three. &lt;3

our first photo as a family of three. <3

During my pregnancy, I had some crazy dreams as most gals do. I had this reoccurring dream though, where I could see our baby: he was a boy & he had a head of hair on him. >> Fast forward, getting to see him for the first time cleaned up he had this little beanie on. It helped keep is CPAP on, for his breathing apparatus. We didn't realize he had quite an adorable abundance of hair til a few days later when they removed the machine.

Over the past week:

- We had several visitors to the hospital to meet him for the first time. Each of these moments were so special to us. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, called, texted, sent greetings + cards, flowers, and prayers. We were are are still so overwhelmed with all the support from the incredible community we have around us. Abel is one lucky fella getting to be added to this mix of people we get to do life with. Seriously, thank you. Each of you are so very appreciated. <3

- Leaving the hospital after having him with me for the past 8+ months was one of the toughest things I had to face. I knew he was in such great care, but it's not ideal to have your baby + leave them to go home. I was heartbroken; I wanted to be with him, watching him, caring for him, loving him..all daggone day. (It's not ideal to have your baby shower either before the baby; but I'll share about that day in a post to come) I came to the realization that soon enough he'd be home with us + it was for the very best that he stayed and grew stronger. Although, it by no means was an easy realization.

Some firsts for us:

diaper changes - taking temperatures - giving him a bath - dressing him in his first onesie - watching him pick his nose

- He's improving every single day; which makes this mom + dad SO proud. He's a strong little fella! He's breathing on his own + eating like a champ. No more IV. He had to be under the billy light for a few days to prevent jaundice, and now no more lights. He's in clothes; no more naked baby (although it's the cutest)! This morning, he moved to the next phase which is the next nursery after the NICU; one step closer to coming home! <3

Abel, you are absolutely perfect. You're literally the greatest gift from God that we could've ever received. I'm just in awe of you, little love, this new role as your mama which I've been dreaming of forever, + watching daddy care for you the countless ways he does. I had no idea how much I could really love, until these moments here lately, when I met you.

Adam, there is nothing greater than sharing this responsibility with you. Thank you for caring for me the way you do. Watching your face light up when you hold our guy is the greatest thing to witness. I can't wait to watch him grow together + get to see first hand how you shape his life. I love you so much + and beyond grateful God gave me you to share this all with. 

Thanks for following along on this sweet journey with us. We are grateful for each of you. -littlemrsmack

kitchen progress + a growing baby

Our kitchen reno is continuing at a steady pace. We're into week 6. It's crazy awesome! Two fridays ago we had all the insulation installed. Then last friday, we had a new ceiling installed & our drywall was hung. Thanks to some helpful & handy dudes. 

It's beginning to really take shape. (Yay!) The next step is finishing that drywall & installing the new windows.

Love the dedication of my sweet guy; spending countless hours making sure things are just right. He's really a jack of all trades & I'm beyond grateful for his skills. ;) JAM- you're the best! 

little baby mack updates:

In the process of all this our baby is a growing like crazy! I'm currently at 26 weeks (and semi freaking out; like where is the time going) + it's been super sweet lately. I'm feeling the baby kick + move all around; and so has Adam. Thankfully, I've been able to workout consistently through this pregnancy & the other day in class we were doing crunches. As I would sit up on the ball the baby's booty or back would pop up, It was crazy to see & feel. I'm loving every little kick, even if it hurts like the dickens.

I've been in awe during this entire season of this pregnancy. Some days I still can't believe this is my reality. Yesterday, a memory popped up that 2 years ago I shared on my blog about the struggle with PCOS & the struggle we faced with infertility. This is some of what I wrote:

I never even thought that we would be experiencing these moments,
but I know that there will be blessings that come from faithfulness.
I believe in my heart God is going to bless us with a baby one day.
[to be a mom, is something I’ve always felt I have been designed to become.]
I know this journey + these hurdles are all part of the process:
it has brought our family closer and more connected then ever.
I try and remember that I have the opportunity to CHOOSE joy through these steps.

[READ THE FULL POST HERE] I remember as I wrote that, I felt God calling me to share my heart; despite how vulnerable I felt. It encouraged me to cherish the season we were in & here we are on the other side of that. Life is not perfect, but God's faithfulness is. His timing is perfection. 

This is another example of God's faithfulness. My sweet girlfriend, Jess left this comment on my post. This brings tears to my eyes. She walked along side of us in this process & praise Jesus she's now MARRIED! <3 God is SO SO good!

- @littlemrsmack

dining room reno

I've been itching to do a project since before we moved into our house. Anticipating to rip up something apart. #DEMODAY (am I right, fixer upper fans?!) The time finally came; Adam was out of town for a chunk of time + I had a weekend off. The perfect scenerio for me to complete + surprise him with a finished project. I decided to tackle our dining room. We had this big white walled empty space that was to me: boring + screaming for change. I knew the carpet had to go. 

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28 is great!

This weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday, and to say that it was fun would be an understatement! The entire weekend was so special. ♥ I've decided there's nothing better than good coffee, fresh flowers, becoming a butterfly magnet & a sweet husband to share it all with.

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