dining room reno

I've been itching to do a project since before we moved into our house. Anticipating to rip up something apart. #DEMODAY (am I right, fixer upper fans?!) The time finally came; Adam was out of town for a chunk of time + I had a weekend off. The perfect scenerio for me to complete + surprise him with a finished project. I decided to tackle our dining room. We had this big white walled empty space that was to me: boring + screaming for change. I knew the carpet had to go. 

It was quite a process but I love how it transformed our home. 

I must admit, when we were house hunting.. I would look under the carpets to see if there were hardwoods. You bet I looked before we bought our house, but I wasn't sure the shape they were in. A chance to take for sure...

I chose the hottest days/week of summer to do this project, but ill tell you what- I felt so accomplished! The floors are no where near perfect; but I love imperfect things.

Our (my) style is certainly eclectic + I really love the look of mismatched everything. (clearly) It all came together so perfectly with a mix of old + old, but new to us pieces. I managed to thrift/antique/salvage for most of the furniture/goods on the walls. + went hang it all crazy. This room is my new favorite hangout/office + I love having our first #mackhomestead project completed. Hallelujah!

I was so anxious for Adam to see it completed + through the roof excited when he loved it too! Here's to gathering in our new dining room and filling it with our sweet friends + family, and hopefully folks we have yet to meet! <3