leaving our little rental

As I sit here and lookout over our backyard, I'm overwhelmed with a bittersweet feeling.

This little yellow rental house has been a perfect place for us for almost 4 years. It was our first place together once we got married. We've shared so many memories + moments here, and I've loved making this our home. Thinking about our next adventure fills me with so much excitement, but I can't help reflecting on this place. There are so many things I will miss about this home: the farm in our backyard, the view, having our friends over for bonfires, my craft room, the mini horses + goats we've called neighbors, our human neighbors, walking to our favorite spot: lake williams, our mailman... ahh, this list could go on.


But as I reflect on the things I will certainly miss, I am hopeful for the things about our new place I already love. // Growing up with divorced parents, I had not one but two houses, yet I always longed for a house to call my own. For the first time in my life, I will own my own house. And by my I mean ours; which is even more special to me. I'm beyond grateful for God's perfect timing & his provisions. Honestly, we stopped looking for a house.. yet somehow this new homestead of ours fell into our laps. I can't wait to start this new adventure into homeownership with my guys. I'm excited to get settled, so we can have you over! Here's to an exciting 2016 ahead! <3