the moment we've been praying for

Infertility is a crazy process.

It certainly can bend & break you at times. It, like any hardship, it causes strife, jealousy, and frustration. Through the past 2+ years of struggling with getting pregnant, it's been challenging in several ways. In this process, I've clinged to God like never before but at times questioned as to why we were going through this. What were we supposed to be taking away from this time? Month after month we were left hoping + wishing for something that as more time passed by didn't seem feasible. 

In August, we began back at the fertility doctor after a much needed hiatus. (It was good to take some time off of trying in this way, but we both knew that it was time to go back  + try some more.)  I went through another cycle of Clomid + after blood work, realized I wasn't ovulating on my own. I (and by me, I mean Adam) had to give myself a shot which triggers ovulation. A few days later I had to go back to the doctors for a procedure called an IUI; this was our first attempt at this. I was convinced that it would require several tries. Adam however was confident in the first round.

Then comes the wait, which is beyond consistent in this entire process.

I've learned a lot about waiting. Mainly that it isn't easy by any means.

Two weeks later, I got a call from the doctor with words I didn't expect to hear at all:

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE PREGNANT! (insert all the tears)

I was sitting in my shop, in disbelief that this was what I was hearing. I was left with several instructions in which I had to call back & receive again because I completely zoned out. naturally. I could barely contain myself as I waited for Adam to get off work. Those few hours felt like eternity.

I couldn't help but thank God for this sweet little baby & the blessing that this process has become, even in the toughest of months + moments. His timing is more perfect than ours + any wait was WORTH IT for this moment right here. 

It's been a joy to share with our families & friends these past few weeks (as you can watch below). <3 Some reactions were priceless. We are so grateful to have this story & this little miracle baby of ours. I'm just in awe of how good + faithful God is.

I think we're both still in shock that this is our new reality + in a few short months we'll get to meet our son or daughter. 

Thank you for following along & for praying for us through this process.

We are so thankful for each one of you + this time to share in together.