reflecting this mothers day

Good morning, friends!

It's been a stretch since I posted last, but I just wanted to share my heart as we approach mothers day.
This day has always been one I love, I love celebrating not only my sweet mama & other ladies in my life, but also getting to watch all my mama friends be celebrated too! This day is so special. It's always a day that I look forward to.. someday when I get to be a mom. It's inevitable that this day makes me think of the trials we are facing with infertility. 

I came across this tug at the heartstrings post from Lysa TerKeurst's blog: Hope when Mothers Day is Hard // It is such a great read; especially for all the gals out there who are also struggling with infertility. The truth this mothers day, is you already are one. 
heart emoticon
"All women are mothers. Because all women bring life to the world in some way. We encourage. We feed bellies and hearts. We nurture dreams. We create beauty. We birth books. And, yes, some of us also have physical children. But that’s not the only way to bring life into this world—it’s one of many." 

Sitting here crying happy tears & clinging to Jesus. He knows the desires of my heart, my faith and hope is that in this in between time, I can continue to bring life into this world. I can live with reality that there will be good days and also hard days. But, if I fix my eyes on being who God has called me to be faithful to in these moments, my patient heart will one day reap that reward. We never get these moments back, so all I can do is prepare my heart for what I hope one day comes.

Grateful for all the gals around me. Thankful for their example & for their love. I'm so encouraged by the community of women I get to do life with. Each of you inspire me to be mama. Thanks for that! 

our first backpacking trip

Our outdoorsy friends asked us if we'd be into going backpacking.
(They're backpacking regulars & us= not so much)
We hike quite a bit, but not with 30 lbs+ of gear strapped to our backs.

If you know us, you know we both love the outdoors.
Camping is our jam! But backpacking, for me, seemed like such unknown territory.
Carrying literally everything you need, being out in the middle of the wilderness,
in the pitch black night, with goodness knows what other creatures.
Those parts I was skeptical about.
But, nonetheless, we decided to go. And I'll tell you what, it was so worth it!

our packs were packed!

Subaru adventure ad ;)

stopped at a little coffee shop on the way.

resting up for the miles.

this guy was loving every second.
next time, he's carrying something.

pack of 5.

seal of the AT.

finding firewood.

scouted the perfect spot to set up camp.

laying on a log + looking up at the trees. <3

camp cuisine.

blue, the guard dog, basically watched us sleep all night.
he'd occasionally converse with the screeching owl in the distance.

despite it being 36* overnight, I slept fairly well.
mr. mack on the other not so much.
our sleeping bags were ultra cozy & our two person tent holds the warmth.

liquid gold.

love this dude.

adam + andi heading back.

It was great to bring our pup along on this adventure.
We can't wait to go backpacking again.
Who wants to join this time?

Hope you had a great weekend + happy Monday!

peek into my home studio

hello there!

i'm SO excited to share these photos with you.
last weekend my friend, kayce, came over &
took some lovely photos of me working in my home studio.

it's been such a blessing to work out of this room.
it makes me emotional that this wont be my work space forever,
as Adam & I are beginning our process of house hunting.

it's one beautiful mess for sure. ;)
i hope you love them as much as i do.

i spend the most time with this gal, right here. ^ ^

making has become so much of who I am,
and I especially love when I'm creating something new.
It's this passion inside of me that sees the potential of
bringing materials together & it's a beautiful thing.

an equal balance of working with my hands & my heart.
i never realized how truly vulnerable this process was.

I'm grateful for this outlet strengthening parts of me
I never knew I was so passionate about.

packaging might be one of my favorite parts about this business.
i love getting to connect one on one with folks.
you will find a handwritten note in every one of my packages. <3

[for more about why I do what I do, check out this post HERE]

thanks for taking the time to browse. <3
have a wonderful monday!

mack made found here: etsy
photos by: kayce shoffner

cherish the season

This year, 2015,
My goal is to use this blog as an outlet to be able to truly connect with people.
I believe we all have a story that's worth sharing + reading.
So here is part of my current story that is unfolding daily...

Warning, this post might get a little heavy,
but this topic has been on my heart for quite a while now.
I figured I would share a bit of my story...

My husband, Adam, & will be married three years, this coming June.
Around the one year mark, we I started receiving that question,
(all my lady friends- you can guess what that is..)
"when are you going to have babies?!?"
all. the. time.

At first, i didn't really mind.. because honestly,
we were in no hurry for little ones. We love(d) the time..with JUST US.
Knowing that once babies come along- that US time would become limited.

I was under the assumption, as soon as we started trying..
I would get pregnant right away. naturally, right?

well.. month after months of waiting, wishing, late periods,
and no signs of a baby.. i started to wonder..
what is wrong? this is what women are designed to do.
what is wrong with ME?

It felt as if everyone around me was getting pregnant
& having babies like crazy. It was like I couldn't escape thinking about it.
The more time that passed, the more upset I became.
The desire to have a baby, surpassed just about everything else in my life.
It started to trump some of my relationships & it quickly escalated.
I let jealousy feed my sadness + the emptiness I felt.

It was so frustrating, my friends were all having babies
(which lets be honest, babies are straight up miracles from God. it's incredible)
 I wanted to be all-in-excited for them,
but there was this part of me that just wanted to be just like them..
feeling those feelings, doing what God designed a woman to do.

I knew my heart was in need of a check.

Not only was I noticing these emotional changes,
I began to notice some drastic physical changes with myself too.
It seemed as if my body was out of whack.

I met with my doctor & had to follow up with test after test.
We were then sent to a fertility doctor,
who officially diagnosed me with PCOS in December 2014.
[PCOS: poly cystic ovarian syndrome]
to sum it up: it's a health condition that can cause hormone dysfunction..
which in turn can make it very difficult to get pregnant.
It also causes abnormal weight gain & trouble losing it..
(what every woman wants to hear..ugh)
oh and irregular periods, just to name a few issues.

At this point, we were trying for over a year+ now to get pregnant.
While this news was certainly overwhelming & hard to hear,
it was also helpful for taking the next steps.
I was told that this PCOS could lead to diabetes,
if it isn't maintained because it can't manage insulin intake properly.
This has fueled my desire to live a healthier lifestyle.
(hence the current whole30)
for not only me now, but for my future family.

We currently are on the fertility road, trying to make the best next choice.
Sometimes, these moments can be frustrating, to say the least,
but as this process moves on..I've learned to just
this season of just Adam & me....and Blue.
it is just that, a season.

I never even thought that we would be experiencing these moments,
but I know that there will be blessings that come from faithfulness.

I believe in my heart God is going to bless us with a baby one day.
[to be a mom, is something I've always felt I have been designed to become.]
I know this journey + these hurdles are all part of the process:
it has brought our family closer and more connected then ever.
I try and remember that I have the opportunity to CHOOSE joy through these steps.

It helps to also know that I'm not alone.
Unfortunately, a lot of women can relate to my story in some way.
That doesn't make things easier,
it just helps to know that out there someone else knows just how you feel.
These issues + the conversations that come out of similar experiences
can both heal & help through this interesting time of "in-between."

I'm currently in a she studies series at our church called: The Best Yes
I read these two quotes in our study & they both just tugged at my heart:

"God sees, God notices, God cares.
He gives us gifts of wisdom with each of our gifts of service.
God develops our character to match our calling."

"She stood in the reality of TRUTH
rather than the reality of her circumstances."
Her assurance came from the truth; the word of God.
-Lysa Terkeurst

This entire experience has brought me closer than ever to God.
I pray that I can continue to be faithful in His word + with my actions.
"With humility comes wisdom." [proverbs 11:2]

I'm extremely grateful for this platform to share what's on my heart.
Thank you for taking the time to read.
It really means a lot to me.

why i do what i do.

hello friends.
it's been a long stretch of time since i last posted..
i'm here to change that! ;)

let me catch you up:
the holidays were super rad; for us as a family & for my business. (yay!)
december was busy + at times quite crazy, but it was all way worth it.

so here we are beginning a new year.
(which, i can't believe jan. is almost through)

as many of you probably don't know, after thanksgiving I left one of my jobs, as a nanny.
my goal was in that in this new found free time I had I would:
pursue my passions, try + build my business, and to really see if I could make this dream i had- a reality.
& thankfully, i'm married to a husband who completely supported the goals i had. (adam, i love you.)

i've been hustling at work: dreaming + creating new products and ways for
it's certainly been a learning experience, but that's part of the fun, right?

God knew the desires I had, the potential I had, and allowed that to shine through.
He's provided a constant flow of business + interest,
and for that I am so grateful. It was so worth taking that leap.

I never imagined I'd be here; running a small business
and getting the chance to connect with folks all around the country.


I wanted to just share with you a little bit about why I do what I do:

I have a passion for creating things by hand; handmade, homemade, from scratch.
I thrive when I'm creating something by hand.
Ever since I picked up sewing, something just came alive in me.
I love to be behind my machine.
Having endless possibilities & the desire to learn and grow with my craft.
I enjoy making goods that are practical & thoughtful to give + receive.

I want you to know, that I pour my heart in the things I make.
No two things will ever be the exact same.
I'm not a mass producer, and I'm content with that.
I believe in creating things that you can't just easily replicate.
Vintage + Recycled materials are my favorite to work with.
Everything you see + touch has been thought through.
e n d l e s s l y.
each stitch, each hand cut label, each typewritten tag,
it all has a purpose.
to bring each factor together;
creating something that is truly, one of a kind, not made in china,
made by my hands and with my heart.

so if you were wondering why, i hope i answered your question.
this whole process has been such a blessing in my life.
to truly see my potential and to be striving to make things happen.
it's rewarding to see ideas blossom + come to life.

thank you for supporting me and this journey i'm on.
it means the world to me.
i'm excited for this year to come & for what new adventures it has in store!

getting in the holiday spirit

it's hard to believe
is THREE days away!

this year for some reason
christmas didn't really set in for me
til this weekend!

it finally began to feel like the holidays!
adam & i did some final christmas shopping
friday evening downtown.

we had so much fun getting our
ILYC secret santa gifts together!

every nook & cranny of our house is
filling with the christmas spirit! <3

and bring on the cookies;
this time of year has become a cookie factory
up in our house! 
[gringerbread is my go to cookie!]

& when your cookies bomb;
there is always cookies in a jar! (thank heavens!)

saturday morning, i got to spend some
time with my sweet gal pal, averie!
we had breakfast at market & walked around the city a bit.

we found these lovely [silver bells]
they smell like eucalyptus & a dream.

the view out fosters flower shop is perfect this holiday.

there are days where i dream of being a florist.
i think in my lifetime, i will pursue it in some way. <3

this is averie. i love her.

finished up some of our family secret santa gifts!
(i made that reusable teabag that did absolutely nothing..)
back to the drawing board i go. ;)

say hello TO DATE NIGHT!! <3

we headed back downtown to the capitol theater;
(confession: for the first time for both of us.)

everything is so beautifully decorated this time of year.

how inviting does mudhook look?

and to end the evening;
we went to my parents house
for their annual christmas party.
this tree brings so many memories & joy.

sunday, was spent finishing up some sewing jobs;
basking in the sunshine;
while mr. mack burned ouir corn stalks
that may or may not have been still on our house. (ha)

wrapping gifts is just the best!
i love our holly tree this time of year!

and can't forget this crew!
we had our life group christmas party sunday night.

i love this crazy cats so so much.

hope you had a wonderful weekend &
are enjoying these last few days before christmas! 
mrs. mack


I got this tattoo to be a constant reminder, that Christ is my anchor,
keeping my actions and heart firm in my faith.
I love when I get to share that with complete strangers.
It's a real joy to let others know just how much Jesus has changed my life.
[photo via: instagram @littlemrsmack]
wanted to share how special these interactions are to me.
glad i get to share moments with you too.

hope you had a fantastic tuesday.


this past weekend was spent with some rad chics;
in a cool cool city.
we took off friday night; set out for brooklyn, ny.

[view from our hotel room]

[best s'more ever!]

[lunch= empanadas]

[happy early christmas to me]

[map of greenwhich neighborhood]

[all weekend..]

[this area has the cutest little shops!]

this weekend was so much fun.
it was great to explore with some girlfriends!

hope your weekend was exciting, too!

christmas in loganville

hello + happy monday, friends!
this weekend we had the privilege to be a part of
christmas in loganville.

it was a really awesome day +
thankful to see some friends +
great to meet so many new faces!

thanks for all your love + support for this journey we are on!
from the bottom of my heart, we so appreciate it! <3

if you didn't get to stop by our booth, check out our goods in the etsy shop!
over 35 *new* items added; perfect in time for christmas!

[if you're looking for something custom, please email me: -- i'd love to work with you!]

hope you have a great day!

[ about us ]

a little bit about us as a whole:
we thrive on simplicity.
we believe in homemade.
we desire to live off the land.
we strive to live a life that is glorifying to God.

view our DIY wedding post HERE

A little bit more about us:

wife to mr. mack. dog mama to blue.
nanny by day. crafter also by day: @mack_made.
saved by grace. lover of vintage + handmade goods.
homemaker. avid adventurer. old soul.
instagram: @littlemrsmack

flannel wearing, rugged outdoorsy,
welder by night..amateur chef by day,
living the life with his lovely wife
and adventure dog named blue.
instagram: @josephadammack

and we can't forget about our sweet pup:
our baby b is a black lab + shepherd mix
born: February 18, 2013
he loves long walks to the lake,
eating his mamas fabric scraps,
swimming, ridding shotgun,
and chasing after just about anything.
he is a totally spoiled &
a super special part of our family.
he is certainly loved around here.

{click on photo for post!}

we are slowly but surely making our little rental into a homestead. 
it's cozy, quaint, and filled with things that we really adore. 
we're within minutes from a lake with tons of trails
which we love to visit on the daily.
 all this rolled into one happy little place! <3

thanks for taking the time to get to know us.

shop handmade this christmas!

hey friends!
i wanted to share with you where
we will be setting up our
booth for some upcoming holiday events!

this saturday [nov. 22nd] we will be participating in:
& we will be located at:
New Hope Bible Church
1656 Smeltzer Rd, Seven Valleys, PA 17360
from 9-3!

Hope you can stop by & visit us!
We'd love to see you.


Then, the following weekend:
we will be having an
[etsy trunk show]
at Redeux
113 S. Duke Street
York, PA 17401
on small business saturday [nov. 29th]
from 8am-7pm

Stop by & say hello!


This season, I encourage you to
shop small. shop handmade. & shop local.

I have a love for making things with my hands + my heart. 
I hope you can feel that love too.

*our etsy shop will be fully stocked with
some new items released on black friday!

thanks for all your love + support always.
it's so appreciated! <3

first snow[FALL]

so last night, it SNOWED!
i know i know, it's too early for this nonsense.
but, seeing my dog get SO EXCITED
for this kind of precipitation was worth it.

see, blue loves loves loves the snow!
(it's pretty adorable)
he frolics around & just is his happiest on days like this.

i snapped some photos of his joyful playtime.
gosh, he's so handsome!

<3 <3 <3 <3

hope you east coasters enjoyed the brief hello from winter
just as much as we did! :)

2nd annual: gals only pie swap!

november has officially begun!
this year i hosted the second annual:
the pie swap is where each gal brings a pie to share &
the leftovers are then divided up to send home with you.

i love this day.
i love seeing/ spending time with my girlfriends
and introducing them to each other..
i also love trying new recipes & tasting everyones creations!

this year was so much fun.
everyone brought delicious pies & some outside the box:
[pot pie, corn pie, and whoopie pies]
the mix of savory & sweet dishes was fantastic!

this year i found my recipe in this awesome pie book: first prize pies
thanks to the local library! <3

i decided to make a
mexican chocolate pie with a gingersnap crust

 lemme just tell you, this pie was spiccccy!
i could only handle a few bites, but my other spice loving friends
seemed to enjoy it. (except for jackson..which i completely understand pal..)

thanks to my gal pals for making this afternoon so much fun.
i'm so lucky to have each of you in my life!!
hope you had as great weekend too! <3

fall retreat recap

This past weekend I had the privilege of going to the Fall Retreat
It is a weekend getaway for our high school students + leaders
to connect with each other and also with God.

We went to Lake Champion, in NY..
which let me tell you is BEAUTIFUL!
It was a tad on the chilly side,
but this with this changing time of year it was lovely.

I was able to serve with a bunch of other amazing leaders from my campus;
including my husband, which was a wonderful first.

I got to meet some incredible students & began to build relationships with them.
On these trips, I feel like I learn more from the students, then they learn from me.

God has placed such a soft spot in my heart for teen girls.
I love hearing their stories & where God is leading them.
I'm so grateful for this role & this heart for them.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity.
God is so so good.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!

diy halloween: rosie the riveter

It's hard to believe halloween will be here
in less than two weeks!
(where is october going? ahh)

I seriously love dressing up for halloween..
but what i love more, is doing it on a budget!

this might be the easiest diy costume EVER to put together...
and let's be honest,
any opportunity to wear a
'canadian tuxedo' -- I'm game! 

you most likely have the majority of these items at home, or at least close to it.
but, whatever you do..get creative!

i made a handmade rosie headband available for purchase!
click HERE to go our etsy shop :)

i'd love to see how your diy costumes turn out,
so be sure to share them in the comments or with me on IG:

have fun!

ricketts glen

Here it is folks.
Our last camp trip of the season.
We've been planning this trip for the past few months
with our friends Meg & Brian.
one word to sum up our weekend:
We have been trying to book Ricketts Glen State Park
for a while now.. but its always booked up.
Luckily we got a weekend in the prime
leaf changing season..Or so we thought.
beautiful drive throught the tiny mountain towns
After we drove 3+ hours to get to our destination..
we checked in & were told, we booked the wrong weekend.
no joke! thankfully, they had an open spot on friday night.
so, we set up camp:

tent with a lake view!

this man is such a hunk in his flannel.
be still my heart..

we set out to explore on an afternoon hike.

this was the most perfect time to come here...FALL <3

love this lady.

brian - adam - meg - me

 oh, and we rescued a baby salamander!
 saturday, october 18th:
today was our long hike day:
along the Falls Trail-
"Take the Falls Trail and explore the Glens, which boasts a series of wild,
free-flowing waterfalls, each cascading through rock-strewn clefts in this ancient hillside.
The 94-foot Ganoga Falls is the highest of 22 named waterfalls.
Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the scenic area.
Ricketts Glen State Park is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania."


my beaner boots saved my feet on this muddy hike.

it's raining leaves..
                                          autumn day pack came in handy!

turn of events:
we had to be out by 3 if we couldn't find another site.
fortunately someone canceled & we semi-packed up
and moved across the campground.
adam sat on the truck bed & held the ten the whole way. haha.
our new spot!

our fire saved us. it was cold with off & on showers.
brr.. it dropped down to freezing overnight.
sunday, october 19th:

it even snowed/sleeted as we were packing up.
the lake was choppy as we were heading out.
despite the crazy roadblocks,
this time away was so much fun.
we are lucky to have friends who love the outdoors like we do.
hope you are enjoying the changing of the leaves & the seasons, too!

fall fun weekend

happy fall, friends!
this season is in full swing
& i am LOVING it!

i love all the changes new seasons bring.
i espcially love decorating our homestead for the holidays.
fall decorations are hands down my favorite.
the nuetral shades with pops of colors bring out the best in our home.
here are a few photos of the inside of our yellow house:

we kicked off the weekend with a fall partay!
[ bonfire - potluck - pals ]
a ridiculously awesome combo!

flannel forever with my one & only.
back porch sittin..
i love using old windows any chance i get.
chalk markers are the best for these surfaces!
& a fall party wouldn't be complete without a pumpkin beverage!
Melissa asked us to make custom bracelets for her bridesmaids.
what an honor. we loved being a little part in their special day.
 lemme just say- Clark's, you are my new favorite shoe co.
i scored these beauts + a green corduroy wedge for 45.00 TOTAL! yes!
 wedding ready!
 she made such a beautiful bride!
 we couldn't be happier for these two newlyweds!
 loved this barn & all the charm it had.
 my hot date!! <3
 tennis coaches!
love these ladies like crazy.
 & this one time Adam got in the wrong line for the dollar dance
..and just really bonded with Tyler. it was the best moment.
super selfie!
my sunday morning was spent making pumpkin bread
for our evening festivities:
[ pumpkin carving - life group - the walking dead premiere ]
..when i say twd, i mean listening to it as i pin things on pinterest..
this weeks weekly #shereadstruth verse:
"above all, love each other deeply,
because love covers over a
multitude of sins."
[1 peter 4:8]
 while that was baking, b & i soaked up some fall sun
and i sipped some hot apple cider
(with this delish cinnamon + sugar rim..please try it!)
 someone stole a log off the pile & was perfectly content..
 how the heck did i get so lucky? ;)
adam you are a STUD.

 picked my pumpkin for carving night with our life group!
a, trying a new technique... 
 well isn't this just adorable? haha.
 carving party bunch.
 finished pumpkins!
and my favorite pumpkin of the night!
little ruby jones. <3
the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend.

hope your fall is treating you right!

cowans gap: labor day trip

Hey there.
Happy tuesday, too!
So this year, you can tell we've camped quite alot!
(it's been super fun)
We started the season: Memorial Day, at
and ended the season, again at..
This time we camped with our friends:
Mike, Andi & their kiddos.
We love it there!
so many pro's:
it's beautiful. lots of hiking.
kayaking!!! -which this time we brought ours! woohoo.
and we get the best spot in the park..or so we think ;)

favorite pilot!
traveled through gettysburg!
stopped for fuel=fruit
hey ladyyyy....

home sweet home again.

camp necessities.

i have a slight obsession with fried + onions hot dogs whilst camping. lol


dueling hammocks with this STUD!

found this legit cooler for our water at a yard sale= $3.00!!
saturday morning stop.
and we love the chambersburg farmers market alot!
open air markets are truly the greatest!
falafel is a game changer!
and we found this tiny western guide backpack tent for 5.00!
its super tiny, yet perfect!

lucky for this dude & savoring these moments away together. just us.
my favorite spot to be. in the kayak, on the water. <3
this might be the best camp meal i've ever had!
chili in the dutch oven & cornbread in the cast iron.
holy moly it was incredible. way to go, adam!
sunday afternoon we hiked STRAIGHT UP the mountain..
for what seemed like forever. i'd say this view was worth it!
yeah- it was a killer!
be cool- eat fajitas!
and this is called- we don't want to bring any food home breakfast! yikes.
the only rain of the weekend decided to come while we were packing up.
luckily it was humid enough, it evaporated quickly!
all packed up & ready to hit the road.
our drive home was super lovely!
Overall our weekend was mega fun!
Lots of laughter, sunshine, and campfires.
The way weekends should be spent, right.
Can't wait for our next adventure! :)