welcome to our adventure

Adam & I are so excited
to be hitting the blog
& craft scene as a duo!

The past couple months for us have been a little crazy (good crazy) to say the least! First, we got married..which was by far the best day of both of our lives. We have never felt so much love and excitement for our new lives to begin together. I wish I could relive those moments over & over again. (one can wish) Followed by more excitement...moving in together, living with one another, always being together.  {IT WAS AWESOME}

Now, as we transition into the next stage..we are excited to spend time with one another doing things we really enjoy. So we decided to jump into this new adventure..as a pair & really just love what we create. 

We are so excited to see what Gods plans are for us & our business.
And we hope you join us along for the ride.
Keep posted for some lovely things coming to our blog soon!

Thanks for your support and love. 

Excited to be on this journey with each other but you as well! xo