clutter bug [closet] challenge

hello again.
If some of you are like me, you could say your closet is pretty much a mess.
My closet is a random, sale, unorganized rack.
I have lots of different clothes,
but its made up with a bunch of items I can't seem to part with.
Lately, I've been doing a lot of reading on minimalist closets.
Where (mostly) gals take a certain amount of items from their wardrobe to keep
and then either put away or donate the rest.
This got me inspired!!!
I could totally live with less, and definitely in my wardrobe.
Sometimes we forget how truly lucky we are for what we have.
(especially over the next few holiday months)
Starting October 1st my goal is to live with
30 pieces of clothing in my wardrobe.
 In these 30 things, they don't include basics-
[like under-roos, bras, socks, tights..those types of items, oh and also, workout/sleep clothes.]
I've set aside just a few pairs that will go interchangeable.
I'm also limiting my shoes to 10 pairs.
Who knows what this fall/winter has in store.
I'm most excited about 3 things:
--->less decisions
--->more time to focus on whats important
--->expressing my creativity through these selected items
So, if you're feeling up for a challenge in the wardrobe department..
I'd suggest you join me.
It doesn't cost anything money wise,
but I'm sure you will certainly gain some perspective through the process.
 follow me on instagram: @littlemrsmack
And I'm hopefully going to convince Mr. Mack to do this with me
...if he has 30 items to begin with ;)
Excited to be on this journey with you!