window frame tutorial

Hello again!
   Today's post is something I'm extremely passionate about:
It blows my mind when people throw out perfectly good items.
(so you will find alot of re-purposing tricks here.)
 The saying is true....
I've gathered quite an assortment of old windows
[many of which are 2 panes]

You can choose to paint/sand the frame if you would like.
I liked the color, so I just decided to rough up the edges a little.
When sanding, you get a lot of dust & junk.
I normally take an old cloth & it picks up most of that residue.

[side note: about my print]
First off, this photo was taken where Mr. Mack & I got engaged. <3
It's such a special place for us, overlooking the Susquehanna River.
I got the print made at Staples (whom i love)
It's an engineer print (30x40) and
believe it our not, it only cost me under 5.00!
*the only thing: you have to get black & white*
but hey, who doesn't love that anyhow!
total cost after hanging: under 7.00!
what an awesome personalized piece
in your home for super cheap 
and this is where we have it hanging in our homestead-
Thank you for checking out my first tutorial!
Please let me know what you think! :)
happy trash day...i mean..