junkin' pumpkin tutorial

If I haven't made it clear by now...

I've attempted to make quite a few fall crafts this season.
[most of them were a success.]
I saw this craft on Pinterest, and thought it was a super fun idea!
I searched for a tutorial, but had no luck.

So, I figured I would make one and share it with you all.
quick note about the rings:
I found a box full of old canning rings at the economy store.
They were PERFECT! And I scored the box full of 25 for .59 cents!

roughly 20 canning lids
3 cinnamon sticks
burlap scrap
clear tape
make sure the are all facing the same direction
(snip your ends if you have excess) 
make sure to add a stem on your leaves so you have
something to attach to the cinnamon sticks
in a bundle & close to the bottom

also at the bottom
& TA DA! :)
This tutorial is easy as PIE (pumpkin, if I had to choose)
Hope you have success with all your fall crafting adventures!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!