tea time tutorial

Well hello again.
It has been a long stretch of time since I last posted.
My creativity has been flowing quite a bit lately...
(most likely from being trapped indoors with this frigid PA weather.)
TWO things you may know about me:

Both of these come into affect with this tutorial...

I've always been a tea fan,
but I haven't ever dabbled with loose leaf teas.
I stumbled upon a little tea shop in my town.
It was fascinating. Immediately, I was hooked.
I decided that I was going to make some teas for my friends.
One problem, most people don't have tea infusers.
Awhile back I saw how to make your own tea bags!
PERFECT. I shall attempt that.
Here is a simple way to make your own:

Once you have gathered your supplies,
it is time to get started!

[cut out the 2 rectangle in the center portion of the filter]

[I used a contrasting thread,
I love the way it stands out with the filter!]

[I measured out 1 teaspoon per bag]

[fold the corners in & then the flap down.
place string under flap & staple shut]

[I used this convenient tape runner
to attach the string to the tag]
don't be afraid to get creative with your tags!

I hope you find this super easy & fun to do!