first destination of 2013

I wanted to share some photos of our trip to Cancun in the beginning of February.
We have quite a few adventures planned for 2013 (before any babies come)
Cancun was our first destination for the year...
As we left PA in the mid 20's..we arrived to Mexico in the mid 80's.
What a drastic difference, despite both being winter!
We had an awesome, relaxing vacation.
my idea of relaxing:
laying under the lapalapa..listening to the crashing waves..reading a book & the occasionally nap
my husbands idea of relaxing:
jumping the waves..swimming..laying in the sun..& more swimming..all day
We are quite different when it comes to relaxing, but we both love exploring.
Check out some of our highlights...


What an amazing getaway!
Thanks for stopping by. <3