welcome home, blue

Hi all.
If you follow me on any source of social media,
you know that my feeds are blown up with a certain someone.
This past Saturday, Mr. Mack & I got a pup.

Let me just say,
I didn't know I could instantly love an animal SO much!
(It's pretty crazy!)
Our little boy,
is 5 weeks today!
..we had some fun in his first snow storm..

Since he is a member of our little family now,
I figured I'd give you a little info on him.
I actually found out about him from a friend of mine, Amber.
Her aunt's dog had pups.
We arranged a visit for the weekend...
until then Adam + I were back and forth on names.
Blue, rose to the top...everytime.
(It just so happens, his eyes are blue...perfect!)
Blue is a mix between German Shepherd & Lab.
Right now he is only about 5 pounds,
but in a few short months he will be a tank!
I'm loving his sweetness as a little pup.
I'll be sure to keep you posted on all things Blue. <3

Lastly, I'll leave you with some pictures.
I'll warn you..they'll melt your heart.
(Perfect for our east coast snow.)


Thanks for visiting!