encouraging collection

our current collection was inspired from many ways.
as some of you know I'm an assistant coach for a local high school girls tennis team.
last year we had our first pink match.
we raised money for cancer 
& specifically for one of our girls little brothers.
 it was a huge success!
this year we had our second pink match & it was equally awesome!

but this illness came too close for comfort.
cancer hit my family a few months ago, as my aunt had discovered
she had breast cancer. just to be safe she made the choice to have
a double mastectomy. my aunt Pam is one of the bravest, toughest,
women I know. I'm grateful for her strength & her heart for God.
these bracelets were made as a symbol of strength
and perseverance through tough issues.
we are donating a portion of the proceeds
to cancer research during the month of October.
together we can make a difference. <3
here are our four bracelets:

[click on photos above to check out on etsy]

and a special little shout out to my helper, b.
i'll leave you with this:
have an awesome Sunday.