the story society

hello there.
I wanted to share with you an exciting project
I've been working on with my sweet gal pal,
I met her a couple months ago through some mutual friends.
I really had no clue we'd hit it off the way we did.
She is all kinds of awesome!
We have quite a few things in common,
and one that stood out is our love for people's stories.
hence how this project came about.
it's called [the story society]
It essentially provides folks with a platform
to be able to share their story,
and potentially the opportunity
to inspire others with their uniqueness.
"our lives are our stories
& each is worth sharing"
It has been awesome hearing the responses to this pour in.
It brings a sense of authenticity to the table in a very special way.
in my opinion, bringing all sorts of different people together.
creating a community for others to be vulnerably beautiful.
[click on photo to read my story]
I encourage you to consider sharing your story too.
who knows what kind of impact it could have.
email: if interested.
follow on twitter & instagram: @storysociety
my heart is overflowing with excitement on this project. <3
thanks for taking the time to read.