valentines day [2014]

hello there my sweet friends!
it's that time of year again...
This "holiday" is one of my favorites.
I love sending snail mail & this is the glory day for that.
Receiving written love is really the best, too!
Here are some photos I snapped during this
festive, heart filled, love celebration!
Enjoy, lovies!
conversation hearts crack me up!
do people really say: SUP BABE?
who knows but I'm stealing it..XOXO
made some homemade sugar cookies with my 2 littlest kiddos
black clothing = not the best choice when using flour..
the end result <3
[not pictured: all the sprinkles everywhere else but the cookies]
this is my second year participating in lynsdey's #handmadeval.
it's super exciting mailing mine out,
but I especially love checking the mailbox for surprises!

I totally got spoiled this year with 4 awesome partners!
^^ here are what I sent out! ^^
I found those little strawberry hair clips &
knew I wanted to incorporate them somehow..
I think they turned out rather cute (+ of course #masonjarsforlife)
Also, I sent out some extra lovins to my pen pals,
because I LOVE THEM!
[shout out to my gals]
& then...on valentines day I was showered with LOTS OF LOVE
my friends Val + Jenny sure made my day with their sweet surprises for me! <3
I've been talking of making these heart leggings for ages,
so here they are & i love em! woo hoo for DIY! <3
[a few handmade gems- for bigs & littles]

+ of course, our house needed showered with hearts too!
here are my cuties, curled up before Adam left for the weekend.
they are perfect...
This seemed fitting for my man,
his initials <3 JAM <3
[i love him ALOT]
Hope you had a wonderful day with your valentine!
Just know..YOU ARE LOVED
I'll leave you with a throwback from
our first valentines day: 2010