It's hard to believe I'm another year older.
...time seriously flies.

You start thinking back to how long ago things happened..
for instance; i started driving TEN years ago. That just seems crazy!
Life only seems to go by faster as you get older...

I have a great feeling TWENTY SIX is going to be a great year though!

Here are some photos I snapped today:
[I woke up to this sweet surprise from my mr. mack]

[flowers - love notes - chocolate = 3 of my favorite things]

[I was able to get an early 5am workout // it felt so great!]

[how convient my b*day was on thursday: TBT to baby me]

hello refresher! <3

[so thankful for this sweet thang who made this day so special // i love him lots]

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful folks around me.
It's days like today where my heart is completely overjoyed.

[went to lancaster to have dinner with a girlfriend & HAD to stop here ;)]

[this rug was a beaut!]

[i just want to move in here!]

-- youre so perfect.


for dinner my sweet friend: susan, took me to:
(if you are in lancaster city: this is a must!)

[love this gal!]

[can't wait to go back in the spring/summer!]

[capped off the day with snuggles from my sweet b!]

thanks for the birthday lovins friends! :)
what a perfect day!