halfway mark: #whole30

Hey guys!

I can't believe how fast the first half of our whole30 went!

The first week was huge for many reasons.
I'll be honest..lots of tough moments came, 
but thankfully they were shut down by willpower.
Learning how to say no thanks was a struggle.
But overcoming that was a huge victory &
making the phrase that come easier.

A highlight of the week was...
being re-posted by the @whole30 gang themselves!
with this picture:
576 likes= freaking out! :)

I mean why not make everything look
super pretty before you eat it, right?
I'm not alone here...

What else I've learned this week:
being prepared is crucial.
make or break, really.

Through week two, I've had much more energy..
fueling fun outdoor workouts with mr. mack!

I've also been experimenting more with foods,
making new combos, and loving how fresh everything tastes!

**first time I made cauliflower rice= SO amazing!!**

Also, made my own lemon + blueberry lärabars! Yummy!!!

one of my favorite parts:
i'm sleeping great + waking up on my own..
without the pesky alarm clock/snooze routine

my will power has truly been one of the biggest surprises!
thank goodness it finally showed up. ;)

To all the other folks doing the whole30 currently,
hope you are doing great on your plan too! <3