whole 20

hello there!

so if you have been following our whole30 journey, 
you know that we just passed the half way mark.
amazing right?!

well I'm going to break it down & be honest with you...

the bad news:
i slipped up on day 20 & had something that wasn't whole30 compliant.
i went to a wedding on a non-prepared empty stomach &
may or may not have had some champagne & cheese, if I'm being 100% honest...
I am owning that.

the good news:
i made it twenty days!

i realize its not the full 30, but I'm proud that I made it that long.
I'm not going to lie, I am disappointed to not make it through the round
..but regardless, I became aware of so much about myself.
it also really showed me how much i enjoy cooking; fresh foods!

20 days without processed foods, sugars, dairy, gluten...it really paid off for me.
I lost 10 pounds and 5% body fat. I'm pretty proud of that. :)

My new goals are:
*to push myself in my workouts 
*continue to eat healthy & whole
(I'm glad I had this mini jump start towards a better lifestyle.)
*to realize I'm beautiful & strong in my own skin

I want to say to my friends & whole30 pals,
thanks for all your kind words & encouragement.
It was really so fun to do this with you.
Best of luck as you finish your rounds. <3