busy end of june!

FRIDAY: June 27th
This past weekend was a long one for me.
I had an impromptu Friday off, which was fun!
I ventured downtown with my friend, Deb
& we met other pals of ours at the shop!
For those of you who haven't checked out Redeux,
I totally suggest you do! It's worth it! :)

& naturally had lunch at eesan! thai + gelato
you can never go wrong!
i scored these windows too..
be on the lookout for them to be in our booth somehow.
& i also picked up this staple gun.
the nail & duck tape were free of charge.
im a hillbilly at heart, and im okay with that.

on tuesday I went to the farmers market & picked up some zucchini.
it came in handy when i made this special treat for
our friends we went to visit.

they live HERE. (insert jealous face)
its absolutely beautiful!

we had a hard time getting our blue out of the water.

this is my dream house/property! one day right...

our friend, jared, scored us some of these wooden spools.
we are stoked to use them!

note: blues webbed paws! haha. he LOVES the water.
nights like these..with my boys..are MY FAVORITES!
i'm a lucky lady.
SATURDAY: June 28th
enjoying some morning bullet proof coffee before my morning adventure with deb!

[lake williams, york county, pa]

all set & ready to row go!

oh @kumu95, i love her!
had so much fun out on the water = best girl time!
later that morning, i went to watch my grandpa play in the senior games.
he's been competing for the past 6 years.
it's one of the highlights of my summer! this year he won 4 medals. <3
stopped at the central market on my way home to COOL off!
it's been super hot lately around here.
decided to take on another project:
installing a clothes line at our place.
thankfully my dad was handy + helpful,
since mr. mack was away helping friends build a shed.
this guy was tuckered out from the afternoon in the sunshine.
SUNDAY: June 28th
made bagel pesto, egg, and tomato sandwiches
for an early breakfast outdoors!

went on a hike (& swim) at the lake with the senfts'
& their girl: callie (aka blues lady friend)

the last of the clothes line project!
and to cap off the superb weekend--
we had some of our pals over for some bocce & a fire!
(and blue almost lost his tail to emo pony)
view from our backyard.

love these guys SO much! thankful to be doing life with them!

whew. what a weekend!
hope yours was fantastic too! :)