two year mark

 it's honestly hard to believe we've been married for two years now.
time seriously flies.

my love for this man grows on the daily.
i often wonder how i got so lucky.
he is truly one of a kind, and im so grateful he's mine.
happy two year anniversary, mr. mack.
love you always.
for our anniversary we took a little day trip to
it was so much fun just exploring &
spending some QT together.
here are a few of my favorite moments/shots from the day:

there is just something about old things...
they always seem to tell a beautiful story.
 i get lost in it.

snagged some lunch right in the square.

i'm such a sucker for little boutiques + vintage shops.
i could spend days browsing & taking photos.
i find some serious inspiration from these spontaneous trips.
i need this wallpaper/fabric in my life! <3

these marquee letters were amazing at LARK.

this photo might just be one of my favorites from the day.
so perfect.

glass eyes we found in one of the old war shops....
 umm, we passed.
ice cream was a must. for obvious reasons.

exactly! ;)
                                                                                          HUBBA HUBBA!

We ended our day trip with
an impromptu bonfire with our good friends!
The perfect was to end our weekend.
on our actual anniversary: Monday
we made our fave: fresh fish tacos!
i made homemade peach tea too!
mexican is totally our go to! YUM.
& this was our daily verse! seemed totally fitting.
excited to see where this year of marriage takes us!