the time we took blue camping

 this camping trip might be our most adventurous one YET!
mr. mack & i had been contemplating taking our boy,
camping with us.
finally, we just decided= why not!
and thankfully we did; because he was so much fun!
we chose:
mainly for their hiking & orienteering.
it's about 1 1/2 drive from us-
which ended up being a beautiful drive: to & from!
thursday: [7*24*14]
this fella knew something was up; just not what exactly.
we made a few pit stops before we left the county!
(i was clearly on dog duty) 
clearly, i'm the BEST at it...
my favorites. <3 <3
he had two car positions: THIS ^ & THIS v
both equally as adorable!
 oh lancaster county, you're all kinds of BEAUTIFUL!

we're here! ..and someone is certainly excited.

 yeah, you've just witnessed one of the cutest things ever. ;)
you're welcome.

            hot dogs-onions-bbq sauce: whoa! delicious.
friday: [7*25*14]
one of my favorite things about camping:
the stillness of the morning & the quiet time spent reading my bible. <3
[& all wouldn't be right without some: camp coffee]

this man= the greatest thing to ever happen to me. <3
and the best camp cook i ever did meet.

 [eggs + bacon + sweet potato hash + peaches + coffee ....for the win!]

 oh & maybe some nutella toast......................................................YOLO.
off to explore + orienteer?
map reading. old school. i'll take it!

make your own path, dude. i'll follow you.



i'm no expert..but i think the map is upside down? hmm...

we found our way= all 8 markers!

b loves his watermelon!

mountain pie making for dinner.

night light.
blue sandwich!
saturday: [7*26*14]
hopewell furnace was so fascinating!
i loved the glimpse of what life was like way back when
and how community was valued by these folks.

dye garden! YES!

this garden was awesome!
it was structed by the different needs of the house.

love these two so much.
sunday: [7*27*14]
"God's economy makes beautiful exchanges:
as we give, we grow. you do not risk like a fool;
you are wisely investing in the only two things that will not die:
God & peoples souls."
[2 corinthians 5: 14-21]

this trip was seriously one of the best.
it's a bit of a shock how well this hooligan behaved.
but now we know what to expect..right?
(we're lucky he's ours. <3)

 "useupeverything" breakfast! boom.
that's how you wrap up the weekend.

well technically this is how you wrap it up...zZzzZzzZ

hope july treated you right, too! ;)