harpers ferry

every year growing up we would spend time in:
west virginia.
it was always one of my favorite trips.
cutesy little town + near the water + historic =
perfect spot.
this year mr. mack & i tagged along with
my mom, step dad, brother, and his good pal.
(we left our blue boy home this time)
it was a blast & super relaxing.
we stay at the harpers ferry KOA,
which is unlike the state parks A & I have been staying at.
It had a pool, camp store, and a COFFEE SHOP! (heck yes!)
Needless to say, it was a fun mini getaway with the family!
here are a few photos from our trip:


thursday: [8*7*14]
heart sunnies for the roadtrip!
tent setup= t minus 2 minutes! yay :)

mini golf: party of 6

this is normal..

the bands all here.
"money can't buy happiness, but it can buy marshmallows..
which are basically the same thing."

friday: [8*8*14]

thankful for my mom's morning camp coffee!

this dude + his hammock.
no edits, my friends. now this is a sock tan! (haha collin)




you already know....


channelling our inner smokey the bear/pharell ;)

vacation cones!

town of stone.


sets + sequences= all night. every night.

saturday: [8*9*14]

heaven on earth. ;)
peach season is the prettiest season of the summer in my book!

 hello beauties!
my picker's purchase! [3 vintage blankets: $15.00!]
then we went to the river.
"best day ever." -mom
i'd have to agree! it was pretty awesome! :)


sunday: [8*10*14]
undoubtedly the worst day of vacation is the last...
long live you, summer!

 grateful i get to spend my days next to this hunk. <3

we missed this little guy for sure!
maybe next year, blue.
thanks for the visit.