2nd annual: gals only pie swap!

november has officially begun!
this year i hosted the second annual:
the pie swap is where each gal brings a pie to share &
the leftovers are then divided up to send home with you.

i love this day.
i love seeing/ spending time with my girlfriends
and introducing them to each other..
i also love trying new recipes & tasting everyones creations!

this year was so much fun.
everyone brought delicious pies & some outside the box:
[pot pie, corn pie, and whoopie pies]
the mix of savory & sweet dishes was fantastic!

this year i found my recipe in this awesome pie book: first prize pies
thanks to the local library! <3

i decided to make a
mexican chocolate pie with a gingersnap crust

 lemme just tell you, this pie was spiccccy!
i could only handle a few bites, but my other spice loving friends
seemed to enjoy it. (except for jackson..which i completely understand pal..)

thanks to my gal pals for making this afternoon so much fun.
i'm so lucky to have each of you in my life!!
hope you had as great weekend too! <3