getting in the holiday spirit

it's hard to believe
is THREE days away!

this year for some reason
christmas didn't really set in for me
til this weekend!

it finally began to feel like the holidays!
adam & i did some final christmas shopping
friday evening downtown.

we had so much fun getting our
ILYC secret santa gifts together!

every nook & cranny of our house is
filling with the christmas spirit! <3

and bring on the cookies;
this time of year has become a cookie factory
up in our house! 
[gringerbread is my go to cookie!]

& when your cookies bomb;
there is always cookies in a jar! (thank heavens!)

saturday morning, i got to spend some
time with my sweet gal pal, averie!
we had breakfast at market & walked around the city a bit.

we found these lovely [silver bells]
they smell like eucalyptus & a dream.

the view out fosters flower shop is perfect this holiday.

there are days where i dream of being a florist.
i think in my lifetime, i will pursue it in some way. <3

this is averie. i love her.

finished up some of our family secret santa gifts!
(i made that reusable teabag that did absolutely nothing..)
back to the drawing board i go. ;)

say hello TO DATE NIGHT!! <3

we headed back downtown to the capitol theater;
(confession: for the first time for both of us.)

everything is so beautifully decorated this time of year.

how inviting does mudhook look?

and to end the evening;
we went to my parents house
for their annual christmas party.
this tree brings so many memories & joy.

sunday, was spent finishing up some sewing jobs;
basking in the sunshine;
while mr. mack burned ouir corn stalks
that may or may not have been still on our house. (ha)

wrapping gifts is just the best!
i love our holly tree this time of year!

and can't forget this crew!
we had our life group christmas party sunday night.

i love this crazy cats so so much.

hope you had a wonderful weekend &
are enjoying these last few days before christmas! 
mrs. mack