why i do what i do.

hello friends.
it's been a long stretch of time since i last posted..
i'm here to change that! ;)

let me catch you up:
the holidays were super rad; for us as a family & for my business. (yay!)
december was busy + at times quite crazy, but it was all way worth it.

so here we are beginning a new year.
(which, i can't believe jan. is almost through)

as many of you probably don't know, after thanksgiving I left one of my jobs, as a nanny.
my goal was in that in this new found free time I had I would:
pursue my passions, try + build my business, and to really see if I could make this dream i had- a reality.
& thankfully, i'm married to a husband who completely supported the goals i had. (adam, i love you.)

i've been hustling at work: dreaming + creating new products and ways for
it's certainly been a learning experience, but that's part of the fun, right?

God knew the desires I had, the potential I had, and allowed that to shine through.
He's provided a constant flow of business + interest,
and for that I am so grateful. It was so worth taking that leap.

I never imagined I'd be here; running a small business
and getting the chance to connect with folks all around the country.


I wanted to just share with you a little bit about why I do what I do:

I have a passion for creating things by hand; handmade, homemade, from scratch.
I thrive when I'm creating something by hand.
Ever since I picked up sewing, something just came alive in me.
I love to be behind my machine.
Having endless possibilities & the desire to learn and grow with my craft.
I enjoy making goods that are practical & thoughtful to give + receive.

I want you to know, that I pour my heart in the things I make.
No two things will ever be the exact same.
I'm not a mass producer, and I'm content with that.
I believe in creating things that you can't just easily replicate.
Vintage + Recycled materials are my favorite to work with.
Everything you see + touch has been thought through.
e n d l e s s l y.
each stitch, each hand cut label, each typewritten tag,
it all has a purpose.
to bring each factor together;
creating something that is truly, one of a kind, not made in china,
made by my hands and with my heart.

so if you were wondering why, i hope i answered your question.
this whole process has been such a blessing in my life.
to truly see my potential and to be striving to make things happen.
it's rewarding to see ideas blossom + come to life.

thank you for supporting me and this journey i'm on.
it means the world to me.
i'm excited for this year to come & for what new adventures it has in store!