peek into my home studio

hello there!

i'm SO excited to share these photos with you.
last weekend my friend, kayce, came over &
took some lovely photos of me working in my home studio.

it's been such a blessing to work out of this room.
it makes me emotional that this wont be my work space forever,
as Adam & I are beginning our process of house hunting.

it's one beautiful mess for sure. ;)
i hope you love them as much as i do.

i spend the most time with this gal, right here. ^ ^

making has become so much of who I am,
and I especially love when I'm creating something new.
It's this passion inside of me that sees the potential of
bringing materials together & it's a beautiful thing.

an equal balance of working with my hands & my heart.
i never realized how truly vulnerable this process was.

I'm grateful for this outlet strengthening parts of me
I never knew I was so passionate about.

packaging might be one of my favorite parts about this business.
i love getting to connect one on one with folks.
you will find a handwritten note in every one of my packages. <3

[for more about why I do what I do, check out this post HERE]

thanks for taking the time to browse. <3
have a wonderful monday!

mack made found here: etsy
photos by: kayce shoffner