our first backpacking trip

Our outdoorsy friends asked us if we'd be into going backpacking.
(They're backpacking regulars & us= not so much)
We hike quite a bit, but not with 30 lbs+ of gear strapped to our backs.

If you know us, you know we both love the outdoors.
Camping is our jam! But backpacking, for me, seemed like such unknown territory.
Carrying literally everything you need, being out in the middle of the wilderness,
in the pitch black night, with goodness knows what other creatures.
Those parts I was skeptical about.
But, nonetheless, we decided to go. And I'll tell you what, it was so worth it!

our packs were packed!

Subaru adventure ad ;)

stopped at a little coffee shop on the way.

resting up for the miles.

this guy was loving every second.
next time, he's carrying something.

pack of 5.

seal of the AT.

finding firewood.

scouted the perfect spot to set up camp.

laying on a log + looking up at the trees. <3

camp cuisine.

blue, the guard dog, basically watched us sleep all night.
he'd occasionally converse with the screeching owl in the distance.

despite it being 36* overnight, I slept fairly well.
mr. mack on the other not so much.
our sleeping bags were ultra cozy & our two person tent holds the warmth.

liquid gold.

love this dude.

adam + andi heading back.

It was great to bring our pup along on this adventure.
We can't wait to go backpacking again.
Who wants to join this time?

Hope you had a great weekend + happy Monday!