reflecting this mothers day

Good morning, friends!

It's been a stretch since I posted last, but I just wanted to share my heart as we approach mothers day.
This day has always been one I love, I love celebrating not only my sweet mama & other ladies in my life, but also getting to watch all my mama friends be celebrated too! This day is so special. It's always a day that I look forward to.. someday when I get to be a mom. It's inevitable that this day makes me think of the trials we are facing with infertility. 

I came across this tug at the heartstrings post from Lysa TerKeurst's blog: Hope when Mothers Day is Hard // It is such a great read; especially for all the gals out there who are also struggling with infertility. The truth this mothers day, is you already are one. 
heart emoticon
"All women are mothers. Because all women bring life to the world in some way. We encourage. We feed bellies and hearts. We nurture dreams. We create beauty. We birth books. And, yes, some of us also have physical children. But that’s not the only way to bring life into this world—it’s one of many." 

Sitting here crying happy tears & clinging to Jesus. He knows the desires of my heart, my faith and hope is that in this in between time, I can continue to bring life into this world. I can live with reality that there will be good days and also hard days. But, if I fix my eyes on being who God has called me to be faithful to in these moments, my patient heart will one day reap that reward. We never get these moments back, so all I can do is prepare my heart for what I hope one day comes.

Grateful for all the gals around me. Thankful for their example & for their love. I'm so encouraged by the community of women I get to do life with. Each of you inspire me to be mama. Thanks for that!