[ about us ]

a little bit about us as a whole:
we thrive on simplicity.
we believe in homemade.
we desire to live off the land.
we strive to live a life that is glorifying to God.

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A little bit more about us:

wife to mr. mack. dog mama to blue.
nanny by day. crafter also by day: @mack_made.
saved by grace. lover of vintage + handmade goods.
homemaker. avid adventurer. old soul.
instagram: @littlemrsmack

flannel wearing, rugged outdoorsy,
welder by night..amateur chef by day,
living the life with his lovely wife
and adventure dog named blue.
instagram: @josephadammack

and we can't forget about our sweet pup:
our baby b is a black lab + shepherd mix
born: February 18, 2013
he loves long walks to the lake,
eating his mamas fabric scraps,
swimming, ridding shotgun,
and chasing after just about anything.
he is a totally spoiled &
a super special part of our family.
he is certainly loved around here.

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we are slowly but surely making our little rental into a homestead. 
it's cozy, quaint, and filled with things that we really adore. 
we're within minutes from a lake with tons of trails
which we love to visit on the daily.
 all this rolled into one happy little place! <3

thanks for taking the time to get to know us.