mack christmas: 2013

whoa. was christmas a blur or what?!

our christmas was so fun & special for many reasons..

it's hard to believe its our
second married christmas!
Adam & I were able to spend some much needed time together
with our numerous holiday vacation days! :)
it was awesome!

we celebrated a few of our christmas eve traditions..

breakfast & gifts with family:

[my sweet grandparents]

    kiddo gifts were on point this year.               that vw bus in on my list for next year ;)

she LOVED her new scooter!
[my great aunt cindy always gives the best handmade gifts]

candlelit service with family:

caroling at midnight with friends & some old school carolers
in Glen Rock, PA:

                                                                                                [let me tell you, we were frozen as per usual.]    
           we even unwrapped christmas pj's before bed!

this year we, meaning I, made a ton of food gifts:
(Adam mostly taste-tested as they were coming out of the oven)
 were the majority & they were delicious!
[click for recipes]

I also made some
homemade dark chocolate peanut butter cups..
yeah, they didn't last long either.
I made this little market basket out of felt
for my sweet baby cousin, Ana.
It turned out super cute & she loved it! :)

onto Christmas Day:

it was baby blue's first christmas.
he loved all his squeaky wrapped goodies,
& chewing the paper of course.


my cousin shawna, got ENGAGED! yay!
and we realized we have way similar rings (both from the 50's)
we got to spend time with my brother,
Collin, which is always eventful.
He's a cool kid.
Adam & I recieved a bunch of homesteading &
canning goodies that will be put to great use! ;)
^^the aftermath^^
And Adam spoiled me with some new lovins for our bed!
[my man loves some flannel]
the day ended with a beautiful christmas sunset
happy birthday, Jesus. <3

Overall christmas was seriously one of the best yet! <3
We are beyond blessed by our family and the love that surrounds us.
Hope you had a beautiful christmastime with your loved ones.

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