ricketts glen

Here it is folks.
Our last camp trip of the season.
We've been planning this trip for the past few months
with our friends Meg & Brian.
one word to sum up our weekend:
We have been trying to book Ricketts Glen State Park
for a while now.. but its always booked up.
Luckily we got a weekend in the prime
leaf changing season..Or so we thought.
beautiful drive throught the tiny mountain towns
After we drove 3+ hours to get to our destination..
we checked in & were told, we booked the wrong weekend.
no joke! thankfully, they had an open spot on friday night.
so, we set up camp:

tent with a lake view!

this man is such a hunk in his flannel.
be still my heart..

we set out to explore on an afternoon hike.

this was the most perfect time to come here...FALL <3

love this lady.

brian - adam - meg - me

 oh, and we rescued a baby salamander!
 saturday, october 18th:
today was our long hike day:
along the Falls Trail-
"Take the Falls Trail and explore the Glens, which boasts a series of wild,
free-flowing waterfalls, each cascading through rock-strewn clefts in this ancient hillside.
The 94-foot Ganoga Falls is the highest of 22 named waterfalls.
Old growth timber and diverse wildlife add to the scenic area.
Ricketts Glen State Park is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania."


my beaner boots saved my feet on this muddy hike.

it's raining leaves..
                                          autumn day pack came in handy!

turn of events:
we had to be out by 3 if we couldn't find another site.
fortunately someone canceled & we semi-packed up
and moved across the campground.
adam sat on the truck bed & held the ten the whole way. haha.
our new spot!

our fire saved us. it was cold with off & on showers.
brr.. it dropped down to freezing overnight.
sunday, october 19th:

it even snowed/sleeted as we were packing up.
the lake was choppy as we were heading out.
despite the crazy roadblocks,
this time away was so much fun.
we are lucky to have friends who love the outdoors like we do.
hope you are enjoying the changing of the leaves & the seasons, too!

cowans gap: labor day trip

Hey there.
Happy tuesday, too!
So this year, you can tell we've camped quite alot!
(it's been super fun)
We started the season: Memorial Day, at
and ended the season, again at..
This time we camped with our friends:
Mike, Andi & their kiddos.
We love it there!
so many pro's:
it's beautiful. lots of hiking.
kayaking!!! -which this time we brought ours! woohoo.
and we get the best spot in the park..or so we think ;)

favorite pilot!
traveled through gettysburg!
stopped for fuel=fruit
hey ladyyyy....

home sweet home again.

camp necessities.

i have a slight obsession with fried + onions hot dogs whilst camping. lol


dueling hammocks with this STUD!

found this legit cooler for our water at a yard sale= $3.00!!
saturday morning stop.
and we love the chambersburg farmers market alot!
open air markets are truly the greatest!
falafel is a game changer!
and we found this tiny western guide backpack tent for 5.00!
its super tiny, yet perfect!

lucky for this dude & savoring these moments away together. just us.
my favorite spot to be. in the kayak, on the water. <3
this might be the best camp meal i've ever had!
chili in the dutch oven & cornbread in the cast iron.
holy moly it was incredible. way to go, adam!
sunday afternoon we hiked STRAIGHT UP the mountain..
for what seemed like forever. i'd say this view was worth it!
yeah- it was a killer!
be cool- eat fajitas!
and this is called- we don't want to bring any food home breakfast! yikes.
the only rain of the weekend decided to come while we were packing up.
luckily it was humid enough, it evaporated quickly!
all packed up & ready to hit the road.
our drive home was super lovely!
Overall our weekend was mega fun!
Lots of laughter, sunshine, and campfires.
The way weekends should be spent, right.
Can't wait for our next adventure! :)

two year mark

 it's honestly hard to believe we've been married for two years now.
time seriously flies.

my love for this man grows on the daily.
i often wonder how i got so lucky.
he is truly one of a kind, and im so grateful he's mine.
happy two year anniversary, mr. mack.
love you always.
for our anniversary we took a little day trip to
it was so much fun just exploring &
spending some QT together.
here are a few of my favorite moments/shots from the day:

there is just something about old things...
they always seem to tell a beautiful story.
 i get lost in it.

snagged some lunch right in the square.

i'm such a sucker for little boutiques + vintage shops.
i could spend days browsing & taking photos.
i find some serious inspiration from these spontaneous trips.
i need this wallpaper/fabric in my life! <3

these marquee letters were amazing at LARK.

this photo might just be one of my favorites from the day.
so perfect.

glass eyes we found in one of the old war shops....
 umm, we passed.
ice cream was a must. for obvious reasons.

exactly! ;)
                                                                                          HUBBA HUBBA!

We ended our day trip with
an impromptu bonfire with our good friends!
The perfect was to end our weekend.
on our actual anniversary: Monday
we made our fave: fresh fish tacos!
i made homemade peach tea too!
mexican is totally our go to! YUM.
& this was our daily verse! seemed totally fitting.
excited to see where this year of marriage takes us!

weekend project: fridge makeover

happy wednesday. :)
as you might've seen on instagram I did a little project this weekend.
I decided to finally paint our fridge!
(like I had been talking/pinning about for months)
I quickly gathered up my supplies from the hardware store &
celebrated my last afternoon off (until june) with all things paint.
Currently, we have random chalkboards throughout our home,
but I really loved the idea of making our fridge into one.
(mainly for little notes + lists of every sort)
i dream in lists...weird.
here are some photos from this project..


who knew you can get chalkboard paint in a variety of different colors?
i chose classic chalkboard green, to be bold!
you can find black chalkboard paint HERE
or colored chalkboard paint to be mixed at your local hardware store.
next step was removing the handles &
taping this beast
in all the cracks & crevices
primer time!

& obviously a painting selfie gram was a must!
the fridge needed three coats of paint &
then 3 (LONG) days to dry completely.
so with that being the case, i filled the weekend up fast!
my brother was in town bowling in a tournament for penn state.
i finally got the opportunity to see him bowl live & meet his pals.

this kid makes me proud.
& these two fellas consumed the rest of my weekend.
(they're by far my favorite part)
(i'm a lucky lucky lady.)
 three days later:
back to the grind.

when you're using chalkboard paint,
you MUST "season" your surface.
this prevents the first markings you make
to not be burned into your board.
..make sense?

trust me, it works
and its incredibly messy to say the least.

the home stretch...

so thankful for this man & his helpfulness.

told ya, pretty messy ;)

 final step was wiping the surface clean
with a dry then damp rag.

there you go, folks.
that's how I spent my weekend.

it was a fairly easy project to complete,
you just have to be patient..
(which can be a stuggle, if you're anything like me)
if you decide to try this,
i'd love to know! :)
Oh and I made my first ever youtube video
..haha! (don't laugh too hard)
apparently my fridge is a SHE &
it surprisingly only took me one try for each clip.
watch out world, more videos to come! :)

have a really awesome day!